EJB Session – Basic knowledge of EJB


What is EJB

Portable, reusable, scalable applications platform


Why choose EJB

1. Easy to use, by the EJB container to provide a lot of services, developers only need to focus on the business code

2. Integrated solution suite, provided by the application server a large number of services

3. JavaEE standards

4. Extensive vendor support

5. Stable, high-quality code base

6. Cluster, load balancing, failover

7. Easy to develop allowable reusable components


The service that provided by EJB container

1. Integration

2. Pooling

3. Thread security

4. State management (for stateful session beans)

5. Message server (for message-driven bean)

6. Transaction management

7. Security

8. Interceptors

9. Remote call

10. Web services

11. Persistence

12. Cache

13. Performance optimization


New features of EJB3.X

1. Simplify the design of the program model, based on POJO design

2. Support annotations

3. Supports dependency injection and JNDI

4. Simplified persistence API

5. POJO components that can be unit tested


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