Basic knowledge of functional testing


What is functional testing

Functional testing, also called behavior test, a type of black-box testing, that the testers do not know how the application runs inside

Functional testing is the largest and most important part of all test jobs

Mainly the business analyst according to user requirements to write functional use cases, and then by the test engineers to prepare test cases, and one by one for test verification to make sure that the results are consistent with the expected results


Why need functional testing

1. From the user's point of view, to ensure that the implementation of the application is in line with the requirements 

2. Because it is a black box test, so the testers do not know the internal implementation of the application, and can find the developer did not find the problem, find the missing places

3. Can test some exceptions, such as chaos operation, or not according to the established process to operate, check out the loopholes of the application 

From the above we can draw: functional test = check the implementation of the requirements is correct + check the function to achieve whether there is missing + check whether the loopholes of application exist


How to use functional testing

The six steps of functional testing

1. Business Analyst based on user requirements to write the expected of the function 

2. The test engineer prepares the test case based on the expectations given by the Business analyst

3. The test engineer prepares the required data, including the data required for the test, and the data of the expected results, based on the expectations given by the Business analyst

4. The test engineers run the test that based on their own test cases

5. Test engineers compare the actual results with the expected results, and give the report

6. The business analyst determines whether the application implement the needs of the user based on the report given by the test engineer


Two type of functional testing

1. Manual test: the test engineer according to the test case, to manual of the operation, flexible, spend less time, but if you need to test the same function several times will lead to increased consumption time, and the accuracy is poor, there may be many times the results of the test consistency is low; For some just test once or twice the function, or some small, or simple operation of the test cases

2. Automated testing: by the test engineers to prepare automated test cases, by the computer instead of manual testing, flexibility will be reduced, but for the need for several times test function, can greatly enhance the efficiency of the test, and reduce the duplication of operations to ensure that  several times tests consistency; for some need to repeat the test several times, the test case complex, cumbersome test cases


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