Basic knowledge of selenium

basic knowledge of selenium

What is selenium

Selenium is an automated testing tool

Is a set of different tools

It supports testing on multiple browser platforms


Why need Selenium

1. Make the manual test into automation

2. Easier to complete frequent regression testing

3. More quick feedback to developers and testers

4. Almost unlimited iterations of the test execution

5. More disciplined test cases

6. Easily generate defect reports

7. Fix the vulnerability of manual testing


Selenium components introduced

Selenium RC

Previously the most important project that has been deprecated is no longer updated

The principle is to use a RemoteControlServer as a proxy, from which to manipulate the real browser

Selenium WebDriver

The combination of Selenium Rc and WebDriver includes an object-oriented API and supports the WebDriver API, which can be used by its API to directly call APIs on the browser to get results, and to maximize the flexibility of the transplant test, and Selenium RC compatible

WebDriver is a web automation testing tool that used for the complex and repetitive test case. it is Selenium's rivals, to provide easier-to-use and easier-to-maintain APIs

Selenium IDE

Design tool for building test scripts, which is a plug-in for the FireFox browser, provides an easy-to-use interface for developing automated test cases and has a logging function that allows you to record user steps and export Test scripts for different programming languages

Selenium Grid

Allowing tests to run in parallel, that is, different tests can be performed on different remote machines, and because they are used in parallel, the time required to perform the test is greatly improved


SeleniumRC and SeleniumWebDriver

Selenium RC's shortcomings

Can not handle keyboard and mouse events

Can not handle homology policy XSS / HTTP (s)

Can not handle pop-up boxes, dialog boxes, basic authentication, self-signed certificates, file upload / download

Selenium WebDriver's shortcomings

Does not support parallelism, but you can use Selenium Grid to solve this problem

Support for the browser is incomplete

The API for different browsers is not the same

The difference between the two

SeleniumWebDriver requires API and browser support, SeleniumRC has a unified API, but requires additional proxy operations server

SeleniumWebDriver can be used to simulate the browser through HTMLunitDriver, to achieve rapid testing, SeleniumRC need to have a real browser




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