Agile session – Agile values

agile-session-agile-values-en Agile session – Agile values Preface Agile 4 values Individuals and interactions are better than processes and tools Workable software is better than the exhaustive documentation Customer collaboration is better than negotiation Response changes are better than follow the […]

Career session – How to get an interview

career-session-how-to-get-an-interview 职业生涯系列 – 如何获取面试机会 Preface There are many ways to get an interview, such as school recruiting, sending resumes, headhunting, and employee referrals Today we're going to talk about what is the best way to get an interview   The […]

Career session – Burnout

career-session-burnout-en Career session – Burnout Preface I recently found myself in a bottleneck. I really wanted to relax myself, play games and watch movies. However, I will always keep the self-study and other tasks that need to be completed every […]