Career session – Burnout


Career session – Burnout


I recently found myself in a bottleneck. I really wanted to relax myself, play games and watch movies.

However, I will always keep the self-study and other tasks that need to be completed every day.

Today we talk about burnout and how to overcome it.


What is burnout

Burnout is a wall, when we fade the original interest, we don't have enough energy to persevere, to persuade myself to move on, to find our interest, that is burnout.


Why need to overcome burnout

Because in the other side of the wall is very wide, and you can get very good prizes when you get the other side of wall, your competitors will be less and less, you can get achievement will be more and more big


How to overcome burnout

You need to set rules and constraints and stick to it, forcing yourself through the inevitable wall.



In the end, all we're talking about is willpower.

Exercise willpower, personal use is the power of habit, many times, when I am tired, lack of willpower, it is my habit to let me go on.


Keep outstanding.

Pere Tang. 10am on Aug 27, 2017


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