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If you are an employee, it will be the most important thing for you to get your promotion and raise your salary.

But if you're going in the wrong direction, you're just doing nothing.


The formula for getting promotions in a company

Taking on more responsibilities + attracting attention + self-learning = problem solvers


Take on more responsibility

1. To take charge of projects that are not valued and to make achievements;  

2. Help new members of the team grow rapidly;

3. Responsible for the filing and production of documents/processes and keeping them updated;


Attracting attention

If your boss doesn't know what you're doing, your efforts will be fruitless.

1. Keep a journal of your work and send it to your supervisor in the form of a weekly report – to make sure he knows what you're doing.

2. Provide a lecture or knowledge sharing session on topics that are useful to your team — improve your visibility on the team, demonstrate your knowledge of specific areas, and force yourself to learn new things.

3. Make your own opinions when meeting or have a chance, but it must be under a certain presupposition — raising people's attention to you and giving you a deeper impression.

4. Regular meetings with leaders ensure that they are often noticed – to ensure exposure



It's hard to stagnate when you're improving yourself.

You'll be more valuable now than you used to be, and you'll get more opportunities.

Please don't forget to share, because it will help you learn more about your knowledge by teaching others, and it will help you build your position in the field and make you more valuable to others.


Problem solver

In the eyes of all enterprises, there are no problems that can't be overcome, so try to be the problem solver.


Keep outstanding.

Pere Tang. 2pm on July 29, 2017


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