Career session – How to choose a company


Career session – How to choose a company


When you choose to be an employee, it's important to learn how to choose a company, and it's about how well you've been in your career.


Why we should learn how to choose a company

Because of the size and culture of each company, it affects the happiness, sense of existence and belonging of every employee.

A lot of times pay and benefits are just a part of it. We need to think about it in every way.


Small companies or startups

Need to assume multiple responsibilities, as multiple roles, many times can not quiet down to think about their own things.

Because small companies or start-up companies have fewer employees, so the content of the work has a great impact on the company,

High salary, but poor stability.


Medium-sized companies

The roles are clear, stable, slow and overtime, but the work is always same.


Large company

Strong corporate culture, a lot of growth opportunities.

Complete enterprise process and specification.

But office is full of bureaucracy.

Opportunities are great, but it's hard to get your boss's attention.


Traditional companies and software companies

Respect and development space for developers, the use of new technologies and tools, business drivers or development team drivers.


Keep outstanding.

Pere Tang. 10am on Aug 27, 2017


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