Career session – How to get an interview


职业生涯系列 – 如何获取面试机会


There are many ways to get an interview, such as school recruiting, sending resumes, headhunting, and employee referrals

Today we're going to talk about what is the best way to get an interview


The school recruit

It is the recruitment organization that recruits all kinds of graduates directly from schools, and usually recruits some basic positions


Sending resumes

Sending resumes is the most common way, but your resume is important because HR will only look at each resume for 3 seconds and then filter it

I will say more about my resume in future articles



Many companies use headhunters to look for talent, because they believe in the judgment of headhunters and can reduce the cost of finding talent


Employee referrals

Through the employee referrals to get an interview should be the easiest, because companies believe their employees than headhunter with and by employee referrals rather than headhunters can save the cost of recruiting talents


How to get an interview

By connecting with the target company's internal staff, the interview can be obtained through internal push

So how do you connect with your target company insiders? Two approaches are recommended here

1. Build relationships through social media/blogs, such as adding friends, comments, forwarding, private letters, etc

2. Self-fame: improve your visibility and expand your social circle


Keep outstanding.


Soft Skills

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