Efficient life session – Focused mode and diffuse mode


Efficient life session – Focused mode and diffuse mode


Have you ever tried the following experience?

"You've got a problem, and you've spent hours, and you've got nothing, so you decide to go out and watch a movie, and when you're on the bus, the answer pops up in your head."

Many people call it "a flash of inspiration," but in practice that is the focused  mode and diffuse divergence.


Focused mode

Focus mode refers to the state of concentration, which is a mode of solving problems directly by means of reason, coherence and decomposition.

When you focus on something, focus mode starts.

Focused mode tend to focus on the things that are already in the brain that are tightly connected, and are easy to drill down in focus mode.

Focused mode will allow you to follow the same old ways you've learned or experienced


Diffuse mode

Diffuse mode refers to the resting state of attention relaxation.

When in diffuse mode, thinking is extremely active, there will be thousands of thoughts in the mind.


The difference between the two modes

Imagine the light from a flashlight. The beam in focused mode is more intense and penetrative. The beam in diffuse mode is scattered, and the illumination is wider, but the brightness is reduced everywhere


The best use of these two modes

When want to understand a new things, it's best to turn off the accurate focused thinking mode, the switch to the diffuse mode of thinking. Know about global knowledge, and switching to focus mode focused on learning


Keep outstanding.

Pere Tang

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