Reading session – The richest man in Babylon


Reading session – The richest man in Babylon


Share some reading notes, or passages or sentences inspired by a book.



The first principle of investment is to keep the money safe.

A good little reward is much better than a risk.

People have endless desires and can never be satisfied, so they can only ensure that the most important ones are satisfied.

Before investing in something, you should know what the risk is.

Ask smart people for advice.

Once a task is set, it must be done.

The more you know, the more money you'll make.

If you want to be lucky, you must learn to take chances.

Positive action people can get lucky goddess of all ages.

▲There is a huge risk lurking behind any profiteering.

If you want to help a friend, don't choose a method that will bring you in.

Cautious some better than regret afterwards.



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