Software testing terms



Because there are so many special nouns in software development/testing, some of them will confuse you, so I will share with you today the special terms for software testing


Software test special noun graph


Driven development

The first three nouns in a strict sense are not a test noun, but should be a term for development, but many people confuse them with the nouns of other software tests

1. TDD: test-driven development, which drives the whole development through testing, thus focusing on achieving business requirements and refactoring of code

2. ATDD: acceptance test driven development, through unit test cases to drive the realization of the function code, due to the acceptance tests are based on the basic interface (UI) level, lead to the acceptance test test cases has modified, easy to change, so the most has been replaced by the BDD

3. BDD: behavior driven development, mainly through user demand, system behavior, demand value driven functional code development and implementation, because it is aimed at the demand or the system itself, more stable

Using BDD and ATDD can solve the problem of decoupling between requirements and development, because first they all start from the user's needs and ensure that the implementation of the program is consistent with the user's requirements.


Test object

The four nouns in the second column basically outline all the objects that the software test can contain

1. UnIt Test: UnIt Test, which tests the UnIt in the code, and has no other dependencies

2. Integretion Test: integrate the Test, assemble the module according to the design requirements, and Test it, so that it can be tested and operate normally

3. Function Test: functional Test, which is to verify the whole/various functions of the system, usually the end-to-end Test, to Test the system as a whole

4. Contract Test: Test, Contract or more group developed and distributed system needs to interface call each other, and so on and so forth, the Test interface provider to the caller in the development to build the first month of the Contract is still valid

Despite the fourth test, test is cost, testing also need to be cost-effective, because of the existence of testing have pyramid, the bottom, the less dependent on the test cost is lower, and vice versa, how to control a good number of tests and application code quality is an important thing

Timely communication between development and testing is critical because the quality of the application is Shared by development and testing


Test environment

The third column is just a simple test environment

SIT: the system's internal integration test environment is the environment where applications are used to centralize the deployment of applications, avoiding the local environment for each developer

UAT: user acceptance test environment, which is used for user or demand analyst/product manager to conduct demand acceptance


Purpose of testing

Health Check: Check regularly to Check whether the function is running properly

Smoke Test: pre-production Test, which is used in hardware manufacturing, that is, before the machine is out of the factory, plug in the power supply, if the PCB Smoke is a problem

Regression Test: Regression Test, running all the Test cases that have passed the Test in the new version, thus validating the success of the new version without affecting the original logic of other functions


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