Weekly problem session – JavaFX interface did not respond, Maven compiler ignored rt package



Opened a new session, used to record the problems encountered every week


The JavaFX interface does not respond

When you bind an event that takes a while to run in an event in JavaFX, the JavaFX interface is not responding during the event.

After reviewing Oracle's official documentation, JavaFX is a single-threaded program whose context is "interface-user operations – in the order of queuing – getting events from the queue – performing specific event operations – modifying the interface."

Oracle also gives a solution, JavaFX prepared the javafx.concurrent package, to provide concurrent support, the use of javafx.concurrent Task class, we can let the logic in the background to run, and can be bound with the interface control to achieve Live Update.


JavaFX Concurrency


Maven compilation automatically ignores rt packages

In this week's work, in a method using a JDK comes with the rt package in the class, after using the Junit test no problem, intended to use maven package and release, but it suggested that the class does not exist, on the Internet Read the information and learn

"package such as sun is not included in the Java platform standard"


Added in the configuration in the maven-compiler-plugin plugin in Maven


So that the javac compiler allows you to compile some special classes in rt


Maven can't compile class which depends on rt.jar


Keep outstanding.

Pere Tang. 2pm on Aug 8, 2017

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