Career series – Your career


Career series – Your career


I didn't have any problems with my work this week, and I went out on the weekend, so now I need to make up a small article.



Most families say when we read, "you need to study hard so you can get a good job". But is being an employee really your only choice?

Remember "poor dad rich dad," once said that when you're an employee, you leave your employer behind and you have nothing.

So today we're going to summarize three employment options



The first, of course, is the employees, which make up the majority.

As an employee:

1. Although it is stable, it lacks freedom.

2. Although it was easy, the income was capped.

Of course, there is a good point. There are paid holidays, commercial insurance, etc.



The freelancer here includes self-employed people.

The main feature is freedom, but it also means that you need to find your own business, continue to do new projects, and need to take care of everything, expenses, etc.

From an employee's service to a boss, it has become a service to many bosses.


Business owners

Complete freedom, also need oneself to undertake great risk, depend on oneself completely.

Have great earning power and do what you want to do.



At the early stage, can do employees to learn and exercise skills first, when we have the opportunity to try to become a freelancer, and accumulated contacts when as a freelancer, resources, ready to switch career paths.


Keep outstanding.

Pere Tang. 22pm on Aug 21, 2017


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